The Institute of Christian Theologians, Scholars and Professionals (ICTSP) is a global forum of Christian theologians, scholars and professionals around the world. It is aimed at bringing together like minds who share same common purpose to foster deeper relationship and exchange of sound ideologies among concerned members.

As the global market is experiencing radical changes, the spiritual leaders must not be left behind. The need to improve your skills cannot be over-emphasized.  Hence, Institute of Christian Theologians, Scholars and Professionals (ICTSP) has come up with spiritually and scholarly driven curriculum to make you relevant in the scheme of things with different levels of membership.


Aims and Objectives

  • To raise the standard of concerned Christians and expose them to 21st Century system of getting things done rightly.
  • To encourage excellence and specialist expertise in matters pertaining to Christian education and professionalism.
  • To help members achieve their personal aspirations, fulfill their career ambitions and develop their innate potential.
  • To support lifelong learning and encourage education in Christian setups.
  • To give professional recognition to the knowledge and skills of Christian Theologians, Schools and Professionals.

Entry Requirement

This entry requirement is generalized.  The certification being pursuing is depended on previous credentials and practical experienced already earned. Holders of Diploma, Bachelor, Master, PhD or Professional Certificates in any course related to Theology or Christian Education from a reputable Seminary or Christian University with minimum of 2 years practical experience in Ministry or Christian Higher Education or related areas would be of great advantage.